JAN Factory expansion land purchase
JAN Accredited by the Research Institute
OCT Capital increase of 30.2 million won
OCT Contracted a Daehansojae Co., Ltd. factory site (915-16, Yanggyo-ri, 4503m^3)
APR Participated in government project (development of anode material manufacturing technology for secondary batteries composed of waste carbon resources)
MAR Registered as a partner of (C) KCC CORPORATION
DEC Waste graphite powder drying device patent acquired (No. 10-2343183)
Sep Registered as a partner of Hyundai Steel Co., Ltd.
FAB Expansion of the second factory crushing line
JAN Designated as a promising export small and medium enterprise
NOV Completed the second factory rotary dryer
MAY Capital increase of 50 million won
DEC Second factory purchased in 915-18, Yanggyo-ri, Oseong-myeon, Pyeongtaek-si and one lot
MAR Accredited by the R&D Center
MAR Expansion of second factory and crushing line
SEP New office, relocated employee dormitory and expanded resting area
AUG Waste graphite recycling device (No. 10-1904689)
APR Waste ceramic regeneration device and method patent obtained (No. 10-1886601)
SEP Factory expansion and land purchase
MAR Graphite regeneration device and method patent obtained (No. 10-1719581)
DEC Capital increase of 2.5 billion won
MAR Relocated business (Jaga, Pyeongtaek Gyeonggi)
AUG Environmental Management System Certification ISO14001:2004 obtained
AUG Quality Management System Certification ISO9001:2008 obtained
JUL Venture company certification
JUL Capital increase of 50 million won
FAB Capital increase of 30 million won
DECCorporate conversion into Daehansojae Co., Ltd. (Beginning capital: 20 million won)
MAY Changed company name to Daehansojae and relocated business
JUN Established Yongdon Sangsa