A company that strives to restore the environment through recycling

refractory and non-metallic material, Korea Materials Co., Ltd.

Since its establishment on June 1, 2011, Korea Materials Co., Ltd. has produced recycled non-metals
(alumina, shamot, magnesia, zircon, graphite, polycarbonate, SiC, etc.)
using by-products generated by domestic manufacturers, and has been distributing them in Korea and exporting them overseas.
It aims to revitalize the domestic non-metallic raw material domestic market, which relies more than 90% on overseas imports,
to improve the quality of recycled raw materials, and further to revitalize the resource circulation economy.

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The headquarters aims to restore the environment and revitalize the resource circulation economy
by regenerating refractory and non-metallic materials,
and to create a solid future through ethical management, talent management, and community return.
All executives and employees will do their best to continue to make efforts and provide customers
with better quality product development and services.

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